Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cargo Cult Epic Fail - WPF

some say it was the chosen one, the answer to the prays of all who dreamt of a new world. A world where designers and coders are living in harmony, both reading from the same magical text, a text called XAML.

Quickly a silent mantra began to consume us all "XAML...XAML...XAML..". As one we began a holy pilgrimage to the promised land. In this land magical dreamscape applications beckoned, it all seemed so simple, all we needed to do was climb to the WPF summit for enlightenment and we would be free.

The mantra continued:
"All praise the XAML, all praise the the WPF"
"All praise the XAML, all praise the the WPF"

The high priests prayed that C++ Applications would finally be banished, Winforms retired and Java destroyed.

Years passed in the blink of an eye, new XAML tomes came and went, new features, new versions.
The high priests noticed the mantra was fading,  a new mantra was needed or all is lost.

"MVVM...MVVM...MVVM" began to ring out over the confused masses.
"MVVM will solve your frustrations, your confusions, your pain. WPF will live forever through its son MVVM"

Once again we climbed to the summit for enlightenment, surely this time we would be free. Surely?

Alas as much as we tried we could never make those magical dreamscape applications. They always lacked something, they seemed second rate. They never 'felt' as good as they should, but we persevered.


From nowhere a crack in the sky suddenly appeared. The blinding light made us turn our heads away, but as we looked back we stared in astonishment.

"IOS apps, what are these? They are like dreamscapes, they are fluid and fast. They are fun and simple"

We asked our priests "How can this be? How can these beautiful IOS things be created without using XAML, without using MVVM, without using WPF??. This is surely a trick!"

The priests have no answers. They have fled, and left us to fend for ourselves.
This is no less than we deserve because we have become card carrying members of  the cargo cult that is WPF.